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Worldschooling families need each other with Elin Morgan


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Whether on a short or long term travel adventure or seeking a new home base as we explore the globe, Worldschooling families need each other. So many of us crave a hub for our kids to meet, create, explore and adventure, learn and play with like-minded friends from all over the world and parents need to exhale, rest, catch up on work and meet up with other families of like-minds.

With all this in mind, WorldSchool Hub Andalucia was launched by Elin Morgan and her son Kavi, in September 2017 as an answer to these needs, and to welcome families from all over the world to this beautiful corner of Spain.

Elin has always unschooled and worldschooled her now 13-year-old son - first based in New York City, and then based in Mexico and now Spain with many countries and adventures in between. She is passionate about supporting Worldschooling families (and in particular those with teenagers) on their adventures and creating cross-cultural experiences for them. Elin provides consultations for Worldschoolers coming to Andalucia and for families worldwide looking to create their own WorldSchool Hubs.