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World Schooling: How to Revolutionize Your Child's Education Through Travel with Ashley Dymock de Tello


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At my core, I am a lover of learning. My enduring passion to learn about and explore the world have taken me to countries such as Guatemala, Chile, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Mexico. This same passion has given me the opportunity to write, edit, and author books and websites on international business, travel, and education.

I dedicated my formal studies to understanding the world’s education systems, their historical roots, their weaknesses and strengths, and how these systems and education itself contribute to the development of nations and empower people to overcome poverty.

I met my husband while conducting research on student dropout rates in rural Mexican villages and enjoyed living in his beautiful home-country of Mexico for four years. Living abroad, as well as my career as a writer and the wonderful opportunity I have to be a mother have led me to investigate alternative modes of education, including world schooling.

Through study and experience, I have developed the personal philosophy that, as parents, we have the responsibility to understand the end goals of education, investigate the available educational resources (including the home and travel!), know our children, and then match those resources to the specific individual needs of our children.