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What is Self-Directed Education? with Bria Bloom


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I am a born and raised unschooler. My Self-Directed Eduation (SDE) experience has influenced me to become an advocate for SDE, youth rights, and unconditional parenting. I channel this passion through my work as Managing Coordinator for The Alliance for Self-Directed Education, where I get to support the many facets of the movement to make SDE a viable option for all young people. I am also an unschooling and free-schooling mom; a writer; and a facilitator for Village Free School in Portland, OR. Throughout the years I have supported others in their learning in a variety of ways, including teaching Martial Arts since I was 14 years old, and working for many years at a play-based early learning center in Seattle.

I can’t wait to share stories, ideas, possbilities, and information about the Self-Directed Education options and movement!