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Unschooling from the perspective of a young adult with Imogen & Sophie Elvis


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Unschooled young adult and teenagers, Imogen and Sophie, coming from an unschooling family of 7. Imogen carried her path to University while Sophie chose to study on her own.

I’m Imogen Elvis, a lifelong unschooler exploring my passion for writing as an author for teenagers and young adults, as well as my love for music as a performer. I have a BA in Writing and Publishing, and am the author of the YA fantasy novel, ‘The Crystal Tree’, as well as its upcoming sequel, ‘The Shattering Song’. As well as writing fiction, I also occasionally join my mother, Sue Elvis ,on her podcast ‘Stories Of An Unschooling Family’ to discuss unschooling from the perspective of a young adult. I live with my family in New South Wales, Australia.

I’m Sophie Elvis, an Australian 18-year-old unschooler. I have many passions including health and fitness, and photography and videography. When I was 15, I began working part time as a barista - I make an excellent cup of coffee! -to earn money to support my interests. At the moment, I’m studying for a certificate in fitness. I’m a frequent guest on my mother’s Stories of an Unschooling Family podcast where I share my thoughts and opinions. I have lots of opinions! I get a silent thrill when someone realises that I’m not as conventional as I first appear. It’s good to be different!