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Three Sisters Share Their Unschooling Life Stories with Karen, Stacey and Rachel


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Karen, Stacey and Rachel grew up unschooling in the 1980s and 90s. Their mom, Peggy Webb, was a pioneer in the unschooling movement and eventually started an umbrella school, West River Academy.

As unschoolers, Karen, Stacey and Rachel learned in a variety of environments, including going to public and private schools. What made them unschoolers is that they chose their own learning styles, activities and modalities. While Karen did not attend school of any kind until she reached university age, Rachel and Stacey each had experiences in public school as teenagers. Stacey took some courses and participated in the Drama and Music Departments of the high school. Rachel attended a private boarding school, then a public high school and then spent her last two years worldschooling and taking community college classes.

The three sisters liked spending their days engaged in their own activities as well as playing together and sharing common interests. They all played the piano, and loved reading, dancing, rock climbing and art. They took all kinds of private lessons and participated in classes organized for local homeschoolers. They got jobs ranging from babysitting to retail sales and restaurant work. Their family hosted students from many countries, so they had cross-cultural experiences throughout their childhood. They learned languages and traveled when they could.

After graduating from West River Academy, Karen worked for 10 years in the financial industry, while also taking online college courses. She graduated from DeVry Univeristy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management. In 2015, Karen made a career change and decided to get back to her passion, which was education. She joined West River Academy as the Assistant Director and runs the Graduation Program for the school.

Stacey spent time traveling and worked for 10 years in the restaurant industry. In 2016, she joined West River Academy as the Administrative Director as well as a Program Advisor for the Graduation Program. She oversees the enrollment and transfer process for the school.

Rachel graduated from West River Academy in 2010, and continued on to the University of Hawaii to graduate with a BA in Communications. After experiencing a taste of the corporate ladder, she decided she would rather have a career she could be passionate about. In 2017, she joined the West River Academy team as the Creative Director as well as a Program Advisor for the Graduation Program. She is the one you meet when you find us through Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

The three unschooling sisters have come full circle, now focused on helping others find the freedom they are seeking outside the traditional classroom. They find inspiration from working with the graduating seniors and get a glimpse into the varied learning and life experiences that the next generation of unschoolers is having. They invite you to get to know them and ask your questions!