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The Peer Unschooling Network with Jim Flannery


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Jim focuses his efforts in mental health and education to empower people while combating the authoritarian nature of our institutions and systems. Jim’s latest project is the Peer Unschooling Network (aka ‘PUN’), a digital community connecting young self-directed learners around the world.

Other information about Jim:

I’m Jim Flannery and I want to help make the world a better place. I know how cornball that sounds, but my intentions are genuine and I firmly believe that promoting unschooling is a significant way to improve the human condition on a global scale.

I want to unlock doors and liberate people who are trapped inside. More specific? I want to help students trapped in school, elderly people trapped in nursing homes, psychiatric patients trapped in institutions, and inmates trapped in prisons.

To achieve these lofty goals, I bring many different skills to the table. For example, I am an experienced startup entrepreneur, trained biomedical engineer, strong public speaker, self-taught web developer, self-satisfying comedian, eccentric physics teacher, and mediocre painter. To keep myself sane, I like reading, rock climbing, skateboarding, and traveling.