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The History, Research, and Myths About Homeschooling with Dr. Brian Ray


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Dr. Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. co-founded the National Home Education Research Institute in 1990 and serves as the president. Dr. Ray has been a middle school and high school classroom teacher in both public and private schools, an undergraduate college professor, and a university professor at the graduate level. He is a leading international expert with regard to homeschool education research. Dr. Ray executes and publishes research, speaks to the public, testifies before legislators, and serves as an expert witness in courts.

National Home Education Research Institute exists to do the following things:

To research, study, and understand those who teach their children at home;

· To publish the peer-reviewed research journal called the Home School Researcher, which chronicles the current research being done about home schooling;

· To speak to the media, legislators, and national organizations about the home schooling movement, showing factual evidence-based research about those who teach their children at home;

· To serve as conference speakers and teachers for groups interested in home schooling; and

· To work with legislators on issues related to parental rights and children’s rights, freedom that parents — internationally and globally — have to teach their children at home, and homeschoolers coordinating with local school officials.

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