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Stories of an Unschooling Family with Sue Elvis


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I’m Sue Elvis. I live with my family in a village south of Sydney in the state of New South Wales. The beautiful Australian bush surrounds our home. I’m married to Andy who is a primary school teacher, and we have eight children ranging in age from 15 to 32. Our unschooling journey hasn’t been perfect. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s just as well we learn from everything we experience! It’s been 26 years since we set out on our homeschooling adventure, but I’m still discovering new things about unschooling. I guess that’s because unschooling is all about life, and life is deep and complicated and very interesting!

Are you thinking about unschooling, but you’re not quite sure it’s for you? Perhaps I can help by sharing my experience and family stories. I hope my stories will encourage you to say, “I want to unschool too! We can do it!” I hope my passion will inspire you to give unschooling a go.