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Singapore’s Great Unschooling Curriculum with Dawn Fung


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Have you ever heard of Singapore, and how education is run in a top-down manner with a highly stressful, compulsory examination for 12-year-olds? What if I shared with you that Singaporeans are missing out on a great unschooling curriculum right before our eyes? We are just not tapping into it.

I’m the founder of Homeschool Singapore, a dynamic community of homeschooling parents and children that runs the annual Homeschool Convention and other major homeschooling events in Singapore. I have three children - 11,9 and 1.

I am an unschooler. I first learnt about unschooling in 2014 from play advocate Sarah Lee-Wong. Since then I have been inspired by the work of John Holt and Pat Farenga. Unschooling is open and inclusive of all learners, free to pick up, and sometimes controversial in a world that is still fixated by school-dominated systems. Especially Singapore. Join me as I unpack what makes education meaningful in a country that makes busyness its top priority.