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After living and working in Singapore for 15 years we came to the sudden realisation that something was broken, life wasn’t what we wanted it to be and we faced some monumental decisions. Ultimately we decided to leave a country we called home and sold almost everything we owned, we took our 4 kids out of school and jumped on a plane.

It was a very hard decision to make and one we agonised over for many months, but sadly it had become obvious to us that we were not spending enough time together as a family and wanted to slow our lives down a little to enjoy life whilst the kids were still young. After reading ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris (5 times in as many months) we found the confidence to go for it.

This decision brought up many questions in our own minds as to how we could make this work, four young kids out of formal education seemed like a real deal breaker at first. We started to read about and contact other families that had made the same choice and listened to success stories from parents who were homeschooling their children, slowly we began to realise our dream was in reach and something that the kids would benefit greatly from.