Homeschooling 2.0 Global Summit

Not too many people know that part of my schooling was homeschool with Ted Fujimoto


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At age 18, Ted founded his first company that designed and implemented logistics, customer relationship management and financial systems for his clients that included AirTouch Communications (now part of Verizon), LVMH, California Chamber of Commerce, General Motors and Remy Martin. At the time in 1992, Ted’s biggest challenge was finding qualified people to hire to help grow the company. This ignited the co-development and co-creation of Napa New Technology High School, which opened in 1996. The school conducted all learning through project-based learning, modeled after the project management protocols used by his company and combined with a focus on creating a power team culture.

Shortly thereafter, Ted sold his first company and became an equity partner in a consulting firm that had a 35+ year track record of redesigning the customer retail network experience for 11 automotive and hospitality brands worldwide. This experience helped him provide guidance for the launch and expansion of the organization that evolved into the New Tech Network and the growth of Big Picture Learning that currently have over 400 schools using their whole-school designs between them.