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Homeschooling in Latin America with Paula Lago


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Paula unschools her two children, ages 15 and 11 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After 25 years of experience teaching in public high schools, Paula was disappointed in the school system and saw her students suffering everyday.

Through her discovery of West River Academy 6 years ago, Paula grew more interested in homeschooling and how it would be possible to legally do it in Argentina. She enrolled her two children in West River Academy and quit her public school job to stay home and educate her two children.

As a pioneer in homeschooling in Latin America, her blog quickly popularity in the Spanish-Speaking community and Paula was advising many families to join West River and the growing homeschooling population in South and Central America.

Paula is passionate about helping parents by providing them resources on her blog, webinars at Educo En Casa in Buenos Aires, and unschooling classes at her campus in Buenos Aires. She spreads the message of homeschooling and the freedom you feel when transition to a more natural way of living through your children’s education. Paula answers questions like ‘is it true?’ and ‘is it something I can do without legal problems?’ every day to help families who discover homeschooling, make their dream a reality.

The homeschooling and unschooling population is growing exponentially and with leaders like Paula, you too, can discover the possibilities of non-conventional education.

If you wish to find out more about Paula’s journey you may visit her blog and campus website.