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Freedom to Learn with Peter Gray


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Peter Gray is an American researcher and scholar who is a research professor of psychology at Boston College.

He is the author of Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life, and he writes a popular blog for Psychology Today magazine entitled “Freedom to Learn”

Gray is a well-known critic of standard educational systems and is frequently invited to speak to groups of educators, parents, and researchers about children’s needs for free play, the psychological damage inflicted on children through our present methods of schooling, and the ways in which children are designed, by natural selection, to control their own education.

He is a founder and current board president of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education, which is dedicated to promoting opportunities for Self-directed education for children and teenagers as a replacement for coercive schooling.

He is also a founder and board member of Let Grow, which is dedicated to renewing children’s freedom to play and explore, outdoors, in public spaces, without continuous adult supervision.