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Being and Becoming with Clara Bellar


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Born and raised in Paris, Clara Bellar is a versatile actor, singer, writer, and director. She is fluent in French, English, Portuguese and German.

After the success of her feature documentary in Europe and Latin America, Bellar is launching the film in Northern America. “Being and Becoming”, a 99 minute film on the Self-Directed, Natural Learning movement, was shot in France, Germany, the UK, and the US. The film has been screened in 30 countries, with theatrical releases in 6 countries, and the film played continuously for 4years at cinema St André des Arts in Paris. Her book “Etre et devenir, Faire confiance à l’apprentissage naturel des enfants”, with 200 pages of Q&A with various education specialistes (Peter Gray, Pat Farenga, Isabelle Fillliozat, Catherine Gueguen) was released in 2017.

“Being and becoming is a key that permits exiting a social system built on fear, a key that allows one to look at life differently for and with our children, and for ourselves as well.

This film, in dazzling ways, has brought answers to my own inner child who has become worn out, like everyone else, for having too long sustained her survival without daring her life.

This film, through the liberating testimony of these pioneer families of “becoming self”, is a hymn to internal necessity.”

Isabelle Adjani